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Our augmentation services make your business more efficient. Software development is real art for us, and every developer is a creative creator. See what the process of establishing long-term technological cooperation looks like.

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This is where the life of your customers becomes easier because you give them a ready-made solution. That’s such a great thing!

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Our dedicated developers are able to create software that will process a huge amount of data.
The wide network of contacts with hard-to-reach developers with a great rate!
You will receive a dedicated project manager with experience in your industry.
Full, high quality software customization and project scalability!
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Frequently asked questions

Have you created a similar project before?

There is a reason why this question is so high on this list. The cooperation will probably be great when our company had the pleasure to previously create any similar web / mobile application or any other software development project. Augmentation services is an element that we know very well, so it is important to ask Oskar about the whole spectrum of support that Qarbon can offer you.

How long will it take to create my project or expand my development team?

Of course, it depends on a huge number of factors, but after answering a few questions, Oskar will be able to indicate a specific timeline that will be a guideline for further discussions. This will also allow you to determine the cost and number of needed developers.

When can we start cooperation and where do we start?

When the project is flexible enough that our software developers will be able to start code creation literally within a few days - they will do it. We always follow our process, which is simple and predictable. We know you care about time and your idea - so do we. Hire our app developers right away! When it comes to augmentation services, the process looks very fast in this case. You report a need for a specific developer, and a few days later he remotely co-creates the code with your development team!

How much does it cost to create the entire project from A to Z?

There are many models of cooperation that we can choose to create your software. We can arrange a fixed rate for the entire project, but we can also create software in a much more flexible way and we can create a remote development team that will be billed only for the number of hours worked. Be sure to ask about this aspect of Oscar, it is extremely important. IT Staff Augmentation will be great for one project, and the classic Fixed Price for the other.

Will I get any materials from you before starting cooperation?

Of course, we will provide all the necessary information to start development and create the first designs of your project. Need to expand your development team? We are happy to provide a CV, rates, developer availability and define their specialization.

How do you communicate during the project?

We use Scrum and Kanban, and we are well aware of the importance of communication during software development. Daily meetings, weekly and monthly summaries are the elements without which technology cannot exist. Hiring an app developer is one thing, but the other is proper communication. Be sure to ask Oskar about it!

After the finished development, will you support my project?

Of course, in addition to testing, error verification and constant search for corrections - we will provide new functionalities and our dedicated software engineers will ensure the highest quality of your product.